PGA Tour—-2010

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PGA Tour----2010

Author: Tinny

Where does Tiger Woods’ saga go? What will be the PGA Tour in the upcoming season?

Amanda Blumenherst

Let me suggest that 2010 would be the perfect year to start following the LPGA Tour.

I know, the LPGA has been struggling itself lately. It has lost more than a few tournaments from its schedule over the past couple of seasons, and the dearth of American winners in 2009 has made it difficult for some fans to stay interested in the women's pro game here in the U.S. However, brighter times are ahead for the LPGA and I predict some exciting performances in 2010 from a bunch of new young players that you will love to follow week in and week out.

Mina Harigae

I had the chance to attend the LPGA Q School tournament earlier this month in Daytona Beach (I even caddied for one of the players) and can tell you that Amanda Blumenherst is definitely one new rookie who merits notice. Blumenherst won the five-day Q School event with a solid 9-under-par performance. She is the "real deal," and I would be surprised if she does not win on the LPGA Tour next year.


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