Masters Betting, Golf Odds, Masters Odds, Masters Betting Online

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Masters Betting, Golf Odds, Masters Odds, Masters Betting Online

Author: Jamila

Wandering through the 'Woods' betting options takes time, patience and a great deal of effort but having such a heavy favorite at the top of the list creates excellent value throughout the rest of the card.

Pre-tournament press conferences were in full-swing for the 2009 Masters and as the golfers fielded questions from the media, sports bettors have shifted into full-on research mode trying to dig up the gem that will lead to a win when the final putts are made Sunday afternoon.

Office pools for the Masters are one method that has become quite popular for those looking to have a bit of fun and on the (Tar) Heels of the NCAA basketball tourney that wrapped up on Monday, everyone's bracket-busting skills should be honed to perfection by now. But rather than simply trying to predict the Top 10 money winners, why not explore a few of the avenues being offered by online sportsbooks for the first major of the season and see if you can find some value in the rough.

Wait a minute though; say the casual fans of the sport. Isn't it obvious that Tiger is going to blow away the field and take home his fifth Green Jacket since 1997?

Tiger Woods Odds

Well, while Tiger Woods (+205) is certainly the odds-on favorite to win the tournament, it is worth taking a few things into account before placing any bets. First of all, Augusta is a very long and extremely difficult course. All of the changes that have been made to the track have eliminated many of the birdie opportunities that once existed and it has opened the door considerably to a possible upset. The fact is that the margin for error at Augusta is small and if someone gets into serious trouble in the first or second round, their chance at a recovery can be doubtful. [Read more...]

The Masters – April 2009 – “What Might Have Been”

The Masters - April 2009 - "What Might Have Been"
By Michael D'Auria

The winner of the Masters this past Sunday, Angel Cabrera, ultimately deserved the title of Masters Champion. Having been in contention with his stellar play the first three rounds and playing steadily on the earlier holes on Sunday, he was all but out of the running a few holes later when he dropped from -12 to -9 with bogies but he never conceded to the competition. He rallied back to -12 under and seized every opportunity to stay in the game by making birdies when he needed to. It only goes to enforce the old adage that "Slow and Steady Wins the Race". [Read more...]

Who Will Win the 2009 Masters Golf Tournament?

Who Will Win the 2009 Masters Golf Tournament?
By Walter David

Who will win this prestigious event? Here in the northeast golf doesn't officially begin until the Masters Golf Tournament. Watching this event brings back that urge and addiction that was packed away in your mind during the winter months....It's time. The feeling to get out on the course is overwhelming. How did I get through those winter months? [Read more...]

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