Tiger Woods Ends His King Rule in Golf

Tiger Woods Ends His King Rule in Golf

Author: coco

Tiger Woods is no longer the King of the golf world. This shamed golfers lost the throne on Sunday in the golf world. Frustration comes for he suffers double loss on or off the golf course.

Woods is the only king of golf with more than five years, he had a continuous high record of ruling the world altar for 281 weeks, and throughout his career he kept the world's number one for 623 weeks, but now he has become the world's second players.

A 37-year-old England player Lee Westwood takes his place, turning the first European golfer who gets the world number one after Nick, 1994, but also the No. 5 player in the world number one as European. [Read more...]

Tiger Woods’ First Appearance Since Sex Scandal

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Tiger Woods' First Appearance Since Sex Scandal

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In Tiger Woods’ first public appearance since the ordeal, the world No.1 golf player admitted that he cheated and is to blame for the affair scandal that linked more than 10 mistresses to him rocked the headlines in late November and December of last year. The golf great had tears in his eyes as he somberly apologized to his staff, family, friends, and fans. He said, with a sigh: "I have a lot to atone for."

During the appearance, Tiger Woods had tears in his eyes and said: “I was unfaithful, I had affairs, I cheated. What I did was unacceptable, and I am the only one to blame”

He also talked about his return to golf. He said he has not ruled out returning to the game this year. But first he is going back to rehab tomorrow to continue his therapy. He said about his career: "I will return to golf one day, but I do not know when that day will be."

He also talked about getting back to his Buddhist roots, and said he needs to reconnect with the spirituality his mom, Kultida Woods, taught him. Most importantly, he addressed his relationship with his wife Elin Woods, who was not present during the statement. [Read more...]

Teaching Golf to Beginners

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A typical golf instructor might use the following commands when teaching golf to beginners: "Keep your head down! Keep your left arm straight! Don't look up! Swing easy!" This approach can lead to an information overload, and is therefore a typical mistake instructors make.

Many golf instructors using this approach cloud their students' minds and bring about a level of paralysis by analysis. Beginners in the sport of golf learn most quickly when they limit their focus to the most important aspects of the golf swing; that is, the grip, the stance, the takeaway, and the downswing.

Gripping the golf club is the foremost component of the swing that beginning golfers must grasp. To identify the top hand position, a golfer has to let his/her hand hang down to allow a natural position to form. The club must then be gripped in this position, and the golfer must mirror the position with the bottom hand. J. D. Turner, a professional golfer has said, "for a good shot to occur, the grip must support the club at the top of the swing and rotate the clubface back to square at impact." A natural position will duly accomplish this. A golfer may overlap, interlock, or grip with all ten fingers, but he/she should make sure the grip is not in the palm of the hand and that the grip pressure is moderate.

The second focus that is essential to a good swing is a balanced, steady stance. The golf swing must start with a solid base of support with the feet shoulder-width apart, and weight evenly distributed with slight flexion in the knees. The upper body posture is central. The back ought to be fairly straight with the arms hanging naturally from the shoulders. The chin should be held up. Tiger Woods advises the beginning golfer to "avoid burying your chin in your chest. When your chin goes down, your back tends to bow and your weight slips back on your heels, making an in-balance swing difficult at best." [Read more...]

Golf Apparel Selection Tips to Help You Improve

Golf apparel is available in plenty in online stores separately for men, women and junior players. Men's shirts from supreme quality companies like Nike, Tiger Woods and Adidas are available in pleasant colors and at affordable rates. They are made up of 100% polyester. Some special varieties like UV blocked, UV mesh, Dry body etc can also be acquired from these stores. Men's shirts from Tiger woods have wind resist zip too. The shirts come in various sizes like small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large to suit all players.

Men's bottoms are available in assorted models like flat front plaid, flat front short, flat front pant and so on. The flat front short plaid is made up polyester, rayon and polyurethane. The unique combination provides comfortable stretch. They look elegant as well. DRI Fit shorts are the finest golf apparel that provides a lot of comfort and convenience to the players. The DRI fit fabric consists of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. The fabric ensures ease of movement and breathability. It wicks away the moisture and keeps the player dry and cool. The bottoms are available in various sizes ranging from 30 to 42.

Men's outerwear come in water proof model and the triple layer storm fit ensures maximum protection to the golfer. The jackets are designed with 100% polyester knit face with laminate backer. The rain-off collar offers custom fit and assures maximum protection from weather. The jackets have articulated shaping in shoulder and arm enables flexible movement. [Read more...]

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