Get Fit To Golf – Fixes Your Swing & Golf Biomechanics.

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Get Fit To Golf - Fixes Your Swing & Golf Biomechanics

Online Golf Biomechanics Analysis And Tailor-Made Golf Fitness Training Program. Fix Your Golf Swing With A Unique Personalized Program That Corrects Your Swing Fault Based On Posture, Muscle Imbalances And Biomechanics To Improve Your Golf Game.
Get Fit To Golf - Fixes Your Swing & Golf Biomechanics.

Golf Apparels From Nike – Adding Style and Comfort to Golfing

Whenever you search for golf accessories, you are always going to find Nike golf products topping the list in different categories. Apart from Nike golf balls, drivers and clubs, Nike golf apparel and shoes are also included in the top lists of reviewing websites. The apparels manufactured by Nike, specifically for golf playing, can be the bet for comfortable play and strong grip. You can actually see these products breathing for you and offering a perfect fit. And the good news is that these products have huge varieties for men as well as women.

Nike Apparel for Men

From jackets to convertible pants and pullovers, Nike holds a treasure of products for men golfers, with different body-built, heights, and preferences. Neither too tight, nor too loose, one can actually improve his golfing experience by slipping into these products. These apparels are highly supportive for your body joints, especially those present in the shoulders. [Read more...]

Golf Fitness: the Easiest at Home Golf Fitness Program

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How do golf and fitness go together?  Why do I need golf fitness training?  What difference would a golf fitness program make to my golf game?

I can tell you all about that from what I have seen with my friend and golfing buddy, Dooley Duffer.

Dooley had been away from the game for some years.  His career and family took priority over his time and golf, although he loved it, it just would not fit into his schedule. As he advanced in his career he became less physically active. He even moved to a management position so time in the office was nothing like the work he had been doing.

His body began to show his change in lifestyle. Don’t tell him I told you this, but his middle seemed to grow faster than his salary. Bet you know how that story goes, huh?

He had only played very occasionally during that time. So I don’t think he realized how much being out of shape affected his golf swing performance.


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Golf Apparel Selection Tips to Help You Improve

Golf apparel is available in plenty in online stores separately for men, women and junior players. Men's shirts from supreme quality companies like Nike, Tiger Woods and Adidas are available in pleasant colors and at affordable rates. They are made up of 100% polyester. Some special varieties like UV blocked, UV mesh, Dry body etc can also be acquired from these stores. Men's shirts from Tiger woods have wind resist zip too. The shirts come in various sizes like small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large to suit all players.

Men's bottoms are available in assorted models like flat front plaid, flat front short, flat front pant and so on. The flat front short plaid is made up polyester, rayon and polyurethane. The unique combination provides comfortable stretch. They look elegant as well. DRI Fit shorts are the finest golf apparel that provides a lot of comfort and convenience to the players. The DRI fit fabric consists of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. The fabric ensures ease of movement and breathability. It wicks away the moisture and keeps the player dry and cool. The bottoms are available in various sizes ranging from 30 to 42.

Men's outerwear come in water proof model and the triple layer storm fit ensures maximum protection to the golfer. The jackets are designed with 100% polyester knit face with laminate backer. The rain-off collar offers custom fit and assures maximum protection from weather. The jackets have articulated shaping in shoulder and arm enables flexible movement. [Read more...]

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