Women’s Golf Apparel Evolution

In the late 70's and the early 80's women's golf apparel seemed to be boring. It was all about covering skin and lady professional golfers wore long baggy pants, long sleeves and seemed to cover up their arms and legs. It was nothing worth remembering and perhaps there was little emphasis on fashion for women's golf apparel.

Thanks to the new sports super brands like Adidas and Nike, today women's golf apparel is not just sexy, it is downright functional. Though we will not see professional golfers immodestly dressed in sports bras and tights, their apparel these days show the contour of the women. They are also made of fabric that is scientifically researched to dissipate sweat and making the apparel lighter and even aerodynamic as well.

I think that because there are more lady golfers these days than there was twenty years ago, and that a lot of professional lady golfers are from different parts of the world, women's golf apparel have begun to look trendier. There are vibrant colors, elegant combinations and blends, some of which are fitted to the player who endorses the brand. We have to thank the likes of Annika Soremsten, Lorena Ochoa, Michelle Wie, and Grace Park who have contributed to the appeal of women's professional golf. They have in their own ways made golf hip and cool. Some golfers like Annika and Lorena have become endorsers for Rolex, raising the stature of ladies golf to almost a legendary status. [Read more...]

New Women’s Golf Apparel Selections Add Fashion to the Green

Golf has become a much more eclectic sport than it has previously been thought as. Despite popular belief, lots of women love the sport of golf. We all know that men enjoy the relaxation and leisurely pace that comes with a good game of golf among friends, and let me tell you, so do women! I mean let's think about this: in addition to being leisurely, golfing provides women with one of their major enjoyments: socializing! Since golf can be done as a solo sport or with a group, many women flock to the sport as a chance to get physical exercise, enjoy some sunshine and fresh air, and meet with their closest friends and catch up on what's going on with one another.

It's also very well known that women love to be stylish and fashionable. Golf is no longer a sport for the retired crowd. Younger and younger women are becoming involved with this fun outdoor activity, and so many manufacturers are paying attention, and creating lines of clothing and womans golf apparel just for them! [Read more...]

Golf Apparel Selection Tips to Help You Improve

Golf apparel is available in plenty in online stores separately for men, women and junior players. Men's shirts from supreme quality companies like Nike, Tiger Woods and Adidas are available in pleasant colors and at affordable rates. They are made up of 100% polyester. Some special varieties like UV blocked, UV mesh, Dry body etc can also be acquired from these stores. Men's shirts from Tiger woods have wind resist zip too. The shirts come in various sizes like small, medium, large, extra large and double extra large to suit all players.

Men's bottoms are available in assorted models like flat front plaid, flat front short, flat front pant and so on. The flat front short plaid is made up polyester, rayon and polyurethane. The unique combination provides comfortable stretch. They look elegant as well. DRI Fit shorts are the finest golf apparel that provides a lot of comfort and convenience to the players. The DRI fit fabric consists of 96% polyester and 4% spandex. The fabric ensures ease of movement and breathability. It wicks away the moisture and keeps the player dry and cool. The bottoms are available in various sizes ranging from 30 to 42.

Men's outerwear come in water proof model and the triple layer storm fit ensures maximum protection to the golfer. The jackets are designed with 100% polyester knit face with laminate backer. The rain-off collar offers custom fit and assures maximum protection from weather. The jackets have articulated shaping in shoulder and arm enables flexible movement. [Read more...]

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