How to Fix a Golf Slice – 2 Keys to Fixing a Golf Slice

How to Fix a Golf Slice - 2 Keys to Fixing a Golf Slice

Author: Terry Gorry

How to fix a golf slice

Key 1-Grip

Many amateurs, in a vain attempt, to copy their professional heroes adopt a grip that is suited to a, well, a professional.

Amateurs must realize that the pro golfer has been hitting golf balls from a very early age. And millions of golf balls. So they have a fast hand action and release through impact that they don't have to work at.

They do it subconsciously, without thinking, because of the millions of balls they have hit and don't have to think about it.

But the amateur golfer, with a job and a family and other demands on his time, may well get into trouble with this ultra neutral grip and will see better results with a strong grip. A strong grip is one which involves you turning both hands to the right on the grip of the club..and the 'v' formed by the thumb and first finger should point to the right shoulder, or even further right if you are trying to fix a bad slice.

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