Improve Your Putting For A Great Golf Score

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Improve Your Putting For A Great Golf Score

Author: Terry Connor

Putting is an essential part of golf but for whatever the reason people spend most of their practice time swinging the big clubs and ignoring what arguably is the most important club in the bag. If you watch a major championship then you should know that the title is not won or lost when using the big clubs but what happens when the putter is pulled out of the bag. The worlds most famous golfer Tiger Woods knows this and he starts his best selling "How I Play Golf" with ways to improve your putting.

There is nothing sexy about putting and unless the putt is in the twenty foot range it tends not to bring out the loud cheers although it should. Take a look at your last golf card and you will quickly see that most of your strokes are not off the tee but on the green. Now imagine that the majority of your three putts become twos and the majority of your two putts go straight in the hole and the impact it would have on your scorecard. The best way to drop your score is not in a drive that goes an extra twenty yards but on your consistency on the green. Two putt every hole on a typical round adds up to thirty six strokes on your scorecard and is a very good reason why you are struggling to break eighty or possible a hundred. [Read more...]

The Belly Putter & Why You Should Use It

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Do You Need A Belly Putter?

Author: Max Johnson

On Thursday and Friday, Sergio Garcia conquered the greens at The Open Championship with a belly putter. What length of putter is right for you? How do you find the correct putter length for you?

Conventional Putter

A conventional putter would be measured from 32 inches to 36 inches. To insure the putter fits properly, take your stance while the sole (bottom) the putter is flat on the ground. Your arms should feel as they are hanging straight down and your eyes should be positioned over the ball. You may check this by dropping another golf ball from in-between your eyes while taking your putting stance. This ball from between your eyes should hit the golf ball on the green. [Read more...]

Golf GPS Systems

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Author: Adam Roth

Global Positioning System, or GPS, is a navigation system that uses satellites to show its location on the planet. The system offers reliable positioning and navigation constantly and is free to everyone with a GPS receiver. Originally, GPS was not intended for public use, but once it was opened to the public, the system advanced in ways never dreamed of by its inventors. One of developed improvements is a way to help improve one's golf score.

[GO TO GOLF GPS STORE] [Read more...]

Comparing Golf Putter Styles

Comparing Golf Putter Styles
By J. Sandy Reese

Blade and Mallet are the two main choices when it comes to putter head designs. Determining which golf putter head type is best for you will take some consideration and trial. Simply reading about putters will not be sufficient to determine which will best meet your needs, but it is a good start.


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