History of golf driver development

History of golf driver development

It has been 148 year for golf history since the British Open in 1986. The change from private noble sports to Civilian-based fashion sports have happened during that time. Golf equipment also changed from simple appliances to various sports equipments. Among them, the driver always represents the style of the times and is a sign of the ball with its stage of development as well.

1. Primary stage: Hickory Overall Type
Hickory as the main processing of materials, with a hickory handle as a whole to the head and processed, the basic shapes to circular 1 / 2 or 2 / 3 cutting, forming semi-circular, or 2 / 3 circle head shape. With the development of iron and steel industry, its head or face inlaid into the bottom of the copper, beryllium copper or iron or steel surfaces at the end in order to increase its wear resistance and Drivable. During this period, the service life of wood and the use efficiency is a prominent problem. [Read more...]

A History of Golf

St. Andrews #18 - R & A
Image by StonehouseGolf via Flickr

What country invented golf?  Many countries did. If there were sticks and objects that could be hurtled along, then there was golf.  No one knows for certain who started golf. But everybody knows who plays it now  everyone does.

The origin of the name golf is believed to be the Dutch word of 'colf,' which means 'club.' In the medieval ages, golf was also known as spel metten colve, which literally meant 'game with clubs.'

Nearly every area around the world has some claim to the origination of golf. Scotland, of course, has its claim. But so does China, Rome, England, France, Holland, Belgium, even Laos. Every country has a game consisting of sticks and balls, and every country is correct in its assumption that it invented the game. But there is no one country where golf actually began.

Still, Scotland is widely considered to be birthplace of golf. And it began haphazardly, a way of hitting a pebble or other roundish object into a hole by means of a stick or club. [Read more...]

Golf Balls, a History

Golf Balls, a History
By Charles A Edwards

A very wooden affair

Back in the mid 16th century, when golf first came into existence, the equipment was all made from wood, including the golf ball itself. [Read more...]

The History and Modernization of Golf

The History and Modernization of Golf
By Sarah Freeland

The origins of golf are not really known. China, Scotland, and the Netherlands all claim to be the place where golf began. China sites an 11th century text that references a golf-like sport being played as proof that they invented golf, while the Netherlands site a 13th century text that implies that a golf-like sport was played in their country as their proof that they created the game of golf. However, while golf-like sports seemed to have been developing in other parts of the world, most people credit Scotland with the invention of golf as we know it today. [Read more...]

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