Improve Your Game 100% With Golf Fitness Training

It may seem unlikely to you that golf fitness training can help up your golf statistics 100 percent, but it is entirely possible. Like singing, playing the piano or basketball, golf is a skill that can be improved upon. With proper fitness, training, guidance and practice, you can absolutely improve your game.

Many people think of golfing as a leisure time activity outside of professional golf, but for amateur golfers the relevance of whether fitness and golf have any relation to one another seems unimportant. After all, golfing is a popular activity among the retirement crowd, so how fit do you need to be to play golf well if those much older than you can do it? The truth is that a good number of those older folks playing golf may have better golf stats than you because they have fitness behind their golf swings and precision line drives. [Read more...]

Golf Fitness: the Easiest at Home Golf Fitness Program

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How do golf and fitness go together?  Why do I need golf fitness training?  What difference would a golf fitness program make to my golf game?

I can tell you all about that from what I have seen with my friend and golfing buddy, Dooley Duffer.

Dooley had been away from the game for some years.  His career and family took priority over his time and golf, although he loved it, it just would not fit into his schedule. As he advanced in his career he became less physically active. He even moved to a management position so time in the office was nothing like the work he had been doing.

His body began to show his change in lifestyle. Don’t tell him I told you this, but his middle seemed to grow faster than his salary. Bet you know how that story goes, huh?

He had only played very occasionally during that time. So I don’t think he realized how much being out of shape affected his golf swing performance.


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