Golf Etiquette – An Easy Guide to Basic Golf Etiquette

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Golf Etiquette - An Easy Guide to Basic Golf Etiquette

Author: Martin Haworth

Golf etiquette guidelines are usually related to three distinct areas: taking care of the golf course, displaying courtesy toward other golfers, and the problem of slow play.

1. Looking After the Golf Course

Sand Traps.

Chances are you didn't want to be in the sand in the first place. But that's no reason to leave a mess behind once you hit out.

You should erase any footsteps and marks you've made as completely as possible. The golf course has most likely furnished a rake so you can do this.

If you can't find a rake, use your club to smooth out any record of your activity. The golf etiquette goal for the sand should be to leave it like you found it.
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Golf Etiquette Made Easy

Golf Etiquette Made Easy
By Jamie Lovering

Golf is a fantastic game but like any game it is important to know the appropriate rules and manners. Before you take that first swing it's important to know the basic etiquette of the game of golf.

Golf is a patient game, no matter if you are playing a round by yourself or with 1,2 or more friends you must wait your turn. Keep tabs of the group in front of you and wait until they are well ahead of you before you hit your ball. [Read more...]

Golf Etiquette On the Green

Golf Etiquette On the Green - Do's and Don'ts
By Rick Greene

Here are some tips about what and what not to do when your foursome is putting.


  • Wait until everyone is on the green before putting. Even if your ball is farther away but on the green and someone else is farther away but not on the dance floor, let them chip onto the green.
  • Wait your turn. The farthest from the cup putts first.
  • Hold still and do not walk around or make sudden movements while others are putting.
  • Be polite. If you are closest to the pin, pull the flag for your friends. If someone has a long putt ask them if they can see the hole before pulling the flag.
  • Mark your ball if it is close to another players line
  • Repair ball marks on the green.
  • Pick up clubs that are on or near the green when everyone is done putting. Players occasionally forget to pick up their clubs and it's a bummer to have to go back a few holes to retrieve a forgotten club [Read more...]
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