A Taylor Made Burner Fairway Woods Review

A Taylor Made Burner Fairway Woods Review

Author: James E Obrien

A Look at Burner Woods, Drivers and Ladies Burner Golf Clubs

The TaylorMade Burner Fairway Wood produces a higher, longer and more accurate shot
from the fairway.

Taylormade now offers a complete line of Burner golf clubs. In addition to their several driver models, in the spring of 2007, they released a complete lined of Burner Fairway woods and hybrids. The fairway woods are a 3 wood with a 15° loft, a 5 wood with an 16° loft and
finally a 7 wood with a nice 21° loft.

There are several models, but the best for theaverage golfer is Burner Steel Fairway woods.
The steel club head is quite oversized for a fairway wood, but gives the golfer extra
forgiveness and, most importantly, the ability to launch the ball easily off the fairway or
light rough. [Read more...]

Golf Digest Hot List 2010

Golf Digest Hot List 2010

Author: lynn

We know you get just as excited as we do when new golf equipment is released, be it a spanking new driver, shiny new irons or a new flat stick aimed at helping you hole more putts. Here we bring you news of the newest and most mouth-wateringly gorgeous products on sale before anyone else...


Callaway FT IZ – I think Callaway have produced a brilliant. They have made use of carbon fibre technology and excellent weight placement to minimise weight and place it in the areas that matter, behind the face of the club. Combine this with the look of the club and I think you have the best driver in 2010.

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Fairway Woods

TaylorMade R9/R9 TP – TaylorMade have a habit of making great fairway woods and this year they have done it again. I think this is one of the best clubs in all categories this year. I'm not the biggest fan of adjustable clubs but being able to adjust the lie for a fairway wood will help when on a bumpy fairway for a 200 yard shot to the green. [Read more...]

Taylormade R7 Cgb Max Driver Vs Callaway Ft-9 Driver

Taylormade R7 Cgb Max Driver Vs Callaway Ft-9 Driver

Author: lina

Taylormade R7 CGB MAX

Golfers seeking the very best in driver performance will get it in the r7 CGB Max driver, which combines the best of TaylorMade's metalwood technologies to promote maximum distance, ease of use, forgiveness and adjustability. The club's triangular shape makes it easy to launch the ball high and super deep, and the Movable Weight Technology (MWT) with three weights promotes change in trajectory of up to 35 yards from slight fade to large draw. The unique r7 CGB Max Driver shape also allows the CG (center of gravity) to be moved amazingly far back from the face, while the club's SuperFast technology gives it an extremely light total weight for faster swing speed and added drive-crushing power. Finally, the r7 CGB Max is 460 cc with a high MOI (moment of inertia) and Inverted Cone Technology which gives the club unsurpassed forgiveness for long, straight results on off center hits. [Read more...]

2009 Golf Digest Hot List Winners Review

The iron is the club on the right.

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2009 Golf Digest Hot List Winners Review

Author: David Braham

A Peek at the 2009 Golf Digest Hot List

Whether you’re a golf equipment fanatic or just a casual observer of the latest offerings and trends in golf clubs and accessories, the 2009 Golf Digest Hot List is a golf equipment smorgasbord. From drivers, fairway woods and hybrids, to irons, wedges and putters—oh, and bags and balls, too—the equipment gurus at Golf Digest break it down in their popular annual equipment ranking.

[Read more...]

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